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About WFA

Welfare For Animals believes that by working in partnerships, we can create a long-term positive impact for animal welfare.

Our Vision

We work towards a world where all animals will have a life worth living.

Our Mission

To work in partnerships

to create positive long-term change to end animal suffering

Our Values

  1. We develop our projects and training based on international animal welfare standards and procedures

  2. We work to develop and deliver up-to-date scientific, positive reinforcement, force-free behaviour and training

  3. We support and encourage partnership development based on sound principles

  4. We work to achieve positive and sustainable long-term animal welfare change

Teaching a Low Stress Husbandry and Care

Hi! I'm Ruby.

I'm a certified and qualified positive reinforcement force-free trainer and animal welfare professional. I find animal behaviour fascinating and always try to keep learning so that I can use the most updated scientific methods to help animals, the people they live with and those who work with them. 


Ruby Leslie

WFA's Story

 How did WFA get started? 

In 2010 I, Ruby, moved to Chengdu, Sichuan, China where I volunteered with Animals Asia Foundation for 3 months, then found a job and made the decision to stay in Chengdu. After I settled in Chengdu, I started volunteering at a local veterinarian clinic. One day the veterinarians took me to a local shelter where they dropped off a rescue dog. The conditions were deplorable and left me in shock. I knew I had to do something, but I didn't know what. 

I started rescuing a few animals but quickly realized that this was not the answer as other shelters were overflowing and struggling to meet even the most basic humane and welfare needs for dogs. I saw that I could easily rescue animals but that wouldn't solve the root causes of abandonment and cruelty. I knew I needed to learn, so I did! I took as many courses as possible and went to conferences.

I quickly learned from 2010-2015 that improving shelter welfare in China, across Asia and training professionals will require long-term work and that the poor conditions at shelters were only one symptom of a much larger problem; a substantial lack of education and awareness on companion animals for pet owners and animal professionals. So, in 2015 I merged together animal welfare with certification and qualifications in dog training. From 2015-2018 , I traveled across China teaching hundreds of dogs, trainers, to Lanta Animal Welfare in Thailand to teach at their rescue centre, veterinarians in Chongqing with HeiMei Pet Hospital and dog trainers in Beijing with my partners KONG and Zoolook. Additionally, I trained dogs with their owners in private consultations all across Chengdu.

In 2019  I moved back home to Calgary, Alberta, Canada where I am rebuilding WFA as a Canadian and international brand of animal welfare and dog training, focusing on teaching veterinarians, trainers and pet owners through a variety of methods and platforms.