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During our dog school courses, we have the great opportunity to see our dog students and their dogs change and grow together. For every small or big step of achievement, WFA is there supporting and cheering our dog students and their dogs. Every victory is celebrated, whether having their dog do a sit-stay outside with distractions, stop pulling on the leash, their fearful fido learning that the outdoors isn't scary, teaching a rescue dog to play again or a reactive dog to no longer fearfully lunge or bark at triggers.


Here are testimonials from our phenomenal dog students on how WFA's dog school courses helped them and their dogs.


“Ruby not only helped my dog, Dobby, with her training, but she also helped me gain confidence and understand how to read my own dog better. Since Ruby came into our lives, it’s really helped improve the relationship between me and my dog.”

Sarah R., living in Chengdu, Sichuan, China,

from the U.K.


& Metta

Ruby not only helped me strengthen the previously problematic relationship with my cockerspaniel. My husband and I learned a lot from her and I believe we are now better “parents” to our 2 furries- more understanding of their needs and way better in our communication with them."

Boyana J., living in Shanghai, from Bulgaria