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WFA Dog School


WFA was started in 2013 as a charity in Chengdu, Sichuan, China, focused on humane education and shelter welfare. WFA's dog training courses were launched in 2015, when WFA transformed into a social enterprise combining dog training and animal welfare. In 2019, WFA moved and re-established in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.


Ruby Leslie, the WFA Dog School trainer and Founder of WFA, is a dedicated professional in the field of animal behaviour and shelter welfare. She continuously reads scientific articles, listens to shelter welfare, veterinary, behaviourist and training webinars and is currently working towards her Advanced Canine Behaviour Diploma with the ISCP.










Infographics re-posted with permission from BHARCS


We do not believe in using aversive and punishment methods such as; corrections, prong collars, choke chains, shock collars, water bottles or citron sprays due to the severe stress, mental and physical damage they can and do incur onto your dog. We believe such methods are inhumane and only serve to put your pet into a state of fear and distress and are not effective over the long-term. To this point we adhere to the CVMA (Canadian Veterinary Medical Association) position on humane training methods for dogs, that all training is based on the latest in scientific learning theory, and that our job is to prevent or humanely treat behaviour issues and provide reputable educational material to pet owners

For more information on CVMA's position click here.

Dog Course Details

  • View the 6 different courses offered below to find what suits you, your dog and your lifestyle and then message us on our Contact Us page either by email or filling in the form

  • Once we receive your email or form, we will reply back to you as quickly as possible with our "What To Expect" and "Cancellation" form, which goes into further detail about our background, courses, training services and prices, and a helpful Do & Do Not list

  • As well, in our initial email, we will state potential Booking times and Dates for training

  • From there, we will work with you to book a time and day that is suitable for you

  • We will re-connect with you 2 days before training begins to re-confirm and let you know how best you can prepare for training

  • Please let us know in advance how many people will attend the training

  • Every course will be 1-to-1 at your location. We WILL GO TO YOU!

  • All courses include ongoing support by Facebook, Email, Insta or phone

  • All courses can be paid by PayPal, bank E-transfer or in cash.

  • We are located in the downtown core of Calgary

  • If you are more than 30 minutes away from our location, we will charge an extra $30, which will be discussed at the time of booking


Take a look at the 6 Dog Training courses and Mini Courses that we provide, including our services and prices.

If any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

Certified Professional

- Silver Level Low Stress Handling Certified

- Fear Free Level 2 Certified Veterinary Professional 


Animal Behaviour

- Dog Cognition (Duke University)

- Animal Behaviour and Welfare (University of Edinburgh)

- The Truth about Cats and Dogs (University of Edinburgh)

- Animal Behaviour with Distinctions (University of Melbourne)

- Dog Behaviour Problems and Solutions (Arizona State University)


Dog Training

- Dog Wellness Seminar (Turid Rugaas)

- Puppy Training for the Veterinary Professional (CEVA)

- A Weekend Talking About Behaviour (Terrie Hayward)

- Puppy Training for the Veterinary Professional (CEVA)

- Managing Aggression in the Dog Training Class (Canine Specialist Group)

- BAT 101: Behaviour Adjustment Training (Grisha Stewart BAT)

Certifications in Other Fields

- Free Dog/Village Dogs (Marco Adda)

- Life Enrichment for Shelter Animals (Maddie's Institute)

- Shelter Medicine & Incorporating Behavioural Medicine in Daily Practice & Biosecurity (Vetfolio)

-  CPD: Feline Diabetes: Medical and Nutritional


- CPD: Cognitive Dysfunction: An Emotional Disorder in the Elderly Canine (CEVA Animal Health)


She is an international positive reinforcement, force-free trainer, listed as a trainer with the Alberta Force Free Alliance (AFFA), Full Member of the Association of IntoDogs, an umbrella organization of ICAN, Friend Member of the PDTE (Pet Dog Trainers of Europe), member of the Pet Professional Guild and is a Fear Free and Low Stress Certified Professional





WFA only uses up-to-date, force-free, positive reinforcement training based on the latest scientific research. We use a combination of methods to train including; cues, hand signals, marker words and clickers. We prefer that all of our doggy students are fitted with a Y-shaped harness and leash to prevent neck and spinal injuries. Our friends at BHARCS in Bangalore created the below infographics based on scientific research to clearly describe why you should have a Y-shaped harness and the physical damage that will occur if you have an ill-fitting harness, use only a collar and jerk/pull your dog by the collar when on a walk. For more information on BHARCS and their ground-breaking work for our canine friends go to: