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Sensory Enrichment Sessions

In early March 2019, I connected with AARCS (Alberta Animal Rescue Crew and Society) about using my skills to help their rescue dogs. To learn more about AARCS phenomenal work across Alberta and adoptable dogs and cats, click here. 


My first time there in March I trained two adorable giants, Walter and Primm in basic training,

loose leash walking, games, fun tricks and BAT skills.

Primm was a gorgeous girl to work with for basic training

After our first session at AARCS, I soon realized that this one time training wouldn't be beneficial over the long term and that I needed to reconsider how to best help AARCS dogs. Thankfully, at the same I saw an article on Wholesome Canine's, The Scent Den, in Toronto Canada ( for more information on their work click here). I became inspired to use a DIY version of their work