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Do you need a dog walker while you're away at work?

Do you want your dog to be calmer, healthier and better behaved when on walks? 



SNIFFARI Walks are only offered in the YYC communities of;

​- Mission, Cliff-Bungalow, Ramsay, Inglewood, Beltline and Downtown Core


Safety for your dog is paramount on our walks. For that reason, we have a Do's and Don'ts of equipment.


- Use a harness and a collar

- Use a standard leash



- Use a choke chain, prong collar, slip leash or head halti 

- Use retractable leashes


WFA only offers 1-to-1 SNIFFARI walks of either 30 or 45 minutes.

Time: We only do midday walks from 11am until 3pm

You will receive 

- a MapMyWalk screenshot at the end of every walk

- Video Updates

- Summarization of your dog's walk

30 Minute Walks

- $25

45 Minute Walks

- $40


For your dog's safety we won't walk in anything more than +25C or anything below -15C. If you want your dog walked earlier in hot weather or have proper booties and cold weather clothes, contact us and we will work with you to accommodate as necessary and right for your dog's safety and welfare.

We will work with you to offer potty breaks and indoor enrichment on extreme cold or hot weather days

Extreme Weather