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Welfare Focus


WFA's work has always been about combing animal welfare and dog training. WFA's social media campaign, Welfare Focus, was launched in March 2019. It focuses highlighting international shelters, rescue or animal welfare-based organizations that uphold international standards of animal welfare based on the 5 Welfare Needs. Animal welfare is a very important part of our work, and we want to use our experience to highlight high standard grassroots animal welfare charities across the world.


On our social media accounts, WFA will feature in detail a new organization from around the world once a month. These organizations are consistent about maintaining the 5 Welfare Needs and make a substantial difference in the lives of animals and people. 

What are an animal's 5 welfare needs and why are they important?

RSPCA Australia's 5 Welfare Needs

March 2019

Liberia Animal Welfare Conservation & Society (LAWCS)

LAWCS has made significant achievements in a war-torn country, teaching children at over 36 schools Humane Education, providing free rabies vaccination drives and treatment to companion and farm animals, rescuing and rehoming companion animals. Their multi-faceted and award winning approach helps all levels of society and all the sentient beings that live within Liberia